Vintage Travel Poster - Turkish Coffee

<em>Vintage Travel Poster</em> - Turkish Coffee

Vintage Travel Poster - Turkish Coffee

Fresh Mesh Branding - Brochure Design

<em>Fresh Mesh</em> Branding - Brochure Design

FRESH MESH is an interactive event platform,designed and organized by Doğan TV Holding, in defining today’s new MESH Ecosphere,which is co-created collaboratively by producers, distributors and consumers of MESH CONTENTS.Recent developments in today’s MESH World cr...
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Izmir, Expo 2012 Brochure design

<em>Izmir, Expo 2012 </em>Brochure design
  • 54b8f08c-aed7-467e-b322-4951c9b4f5f1.jpg
  • 4f69cc42-3e53-4081-819a-8180641fbdd3.jpg
  • a4a23dc5-8a2f-4352-aea1-e46e9fa9cab6.jpg
  • fbb20f25-10fc-462b-bd5f-78eca06f606e.jpg
  • 9fec4cd3-8966-4e36-8ec4-6f6f4f1184e5.jpg

Expo 2020 is a Universal scale Registered Exposition time slot which can be sanctioned by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), Paris between 2011 and 2014. Once a city has lodged a bid with the BIE other cities will have six months to respond. The earliest allowed ti...
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Turkish Airlines Brochure Design

<em>Turkish Airlines</em> Brochure Design
  • d938a07d-eaad-4565-81b8-210645aca0e3.jpg
  • f5d5a6d5-1330-4ef5-94a6-0457f98b20d3.jpg
  • 657daf1a-88a1-45bc-9929-4301a7a3567c.jpg
  • 93305413-c66a-40d2-a51b-b73ba8e6523d.jpg
  • d3c8b79c-bc83-4905-8583-8bdd3c86ed46.jpg
  • 19e9a6e9-eec8-4d3d-8ccf-725d77a1dd2c.jpg
  • bdc54f5e-be25-45f9-a915-bce5b7e03a73.jpg
  • c7139f4b-d819-457e-b613-6751ea13b329.jpg

Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey, headquartered in the Turkish Airlines General Management Building on the grounds of Atatürk Airport in Yeşilköy, Bakirköy district,Istanbul. It operates scheduled services to 146 international and 41 ...
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Fresh Travel Brochure

<em>Fresh Travel</em> Brochure

Fresh Travel 2009 Brochure Design.

Lekki Free Trade Zone Brochure - Nigeria

<em>Lekki Free Trade Zone</em> Brochure - Nigeria
  • 91612db9-c8b2-428a-8a78-080508bb6b3b.jpg
  • 00648963-8857-40a7-99d5-bf2ea9027204.jpg
  • 7cf1bf88-7e0b-4a63-b43d-9941c9694626.jpg
  • 68395bfa-374f-4681-bfbd-78dbec9a670d.jpg
  • 63d8b876-8356-440f-8a30-24926a4973a1.jpg
  • 9810b4da-139b-412a-b7a5-46598f9a7b78.jpg
  • 5e5d8b75-8e93-42ed-b9c4-6acedff92f15.jpg
  • 31879a29-403a-490a-9a60-63617e63e763.jpg

Lekki Free Trade Zone Brochure - Nigeria

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