"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things" Jean COCTEAU

<em>"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things"</em> Jean COCTEAU


Art of Koji Takei

Art of <em>Koji Takei</em>
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Koji Takei works reference synthetic cubism in the most literal of senses. In cubist artworks, the objects are broken up, analyzed and re-assembled in abstracted form. These pieces, sculpted meticulously from objects of our everyday life, allude to the deconstructed instruments...
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Aston Martin Rapide

<em>Aston Martin Rapide</em>
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The Aston Martin Rapide is a four-door, high-performance sport saloon, which British luxury marque Aston Martin introduced in early 2010. It was first presented as a concept car at Detroit'sNorth American International Auto Show in 2006 and the production version of the Rapid...
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A Japanese in Paris, Kumi Sugai

A Japanese in Paris, <em>Kumi Sugai</em>
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Kumi Sugai belonged to the first group of pioneering contemporary Japanese artists to adopt western styles of painting, and to practise them abroad, chiefly in Paris or New York. Though he was born and bred in Kobe, his parents were of Malay origin, belonging to a family of exc...
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