Fresh Mesh Branding - Logo Design

<em>Fresh Mesh</em> Branding - Logo Design
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FRESH MESH is an interactive event platform, designed and organized by Doğan TV Holding, in defining today’s new MESH Ecosphere, which is co-created collaboratively by producers, distributors and consumers of MESH 

CONTENTS. Recent developments in today’s MESH World created brand new MESH related industries, whose focus is to enable MESH CONTENTS conviniently reachable for new generation MESH consumers. After the technological transformation and digital migration, today’s consumers are demanding more broadcastable MESH CONTENTS, and their being available wherever and whenever they want, to connect to and to interact with, for generating more social and shareable experiences. To keep up with industry developments, FRESH MESH Event isfocusing on; the FRESH ways of understanding the consumers, the FRESH trends in producing, broadcasting, delivering and sharingthe core ingredient of their businesses, the broadcastable content. Broadcastable CONTENTS of today, which are demanded by today’s viewers to be conveniently available on three screens (TV, mobile and internet) as well as being shareable via socialcasting, mobilecasting besides real-time 

broadcastings, will be the focus of FRESH MESH Talks.


MESH World today is re-discovering the power of CREATIVE CONTENTS, power of CONSUMER 

In today’s MESH World, while core CONTENT producers and broadcasters are focusing on  the key elements  of  more  MESH CONTENTS,  new MESH related Industries are forming up to join the ecosystem, collaborating with the creators, producers, distributors and the value chain partners of the  CONTENT to generate  more viewer experiences.MESH c is more focused to enable a complete viewer relationship with the CONTENT and CONTENT connected economies today. MESH companies are re-powering around consumers’ increasing demands for more broadcastable CONTENTS. FRESH FACTS in today’s Media, Entertainment and SHowbiz World are; increasing need for more broadcastable contents, increasing view EXPECTATIONS and power of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES to reach them. Doğan TV Holding (DTVH), the leading broadcasting group in Turkey, initiated, curated and designed FRESH MESH concept and FRESH MESH event around this concept; to create an interactive platform for delivering the recent developments in the global MESH world as well as  MESH related, CONTENT CONNECTED Industries, developed after the technological transformation and digital migration. 


FRESH MESH is contented to present the latest industry trends via MESH Talks given by global MESH MasterChefs, sharing facts and views, Expectations from contents and the increasing impacts of technological enhancements, which resulted in establishment of brand new MESH related industries and more innovative collaborations around the CONTENT based MESH world, FRESH MESH Ecosphere. FRESH MESH Event is designed to take a snap-shot of this new MESH Ecosphere, giving its stage to CREATORS of global MESH CONTENTS, FOLLOWERS of today’s MESH CONSUMERS and PROVIDERS of today’s MESH TECHNOLOGIES. MASTERS from today’s content connected industries will define together the new MESH Ecosystem, giving a complete view of today’s most FRESH global MESH WORLD.


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  • <em>Mirror Mirror </em>Character Teaser <em>"One Bad Apple"</em>
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  • <em>The Chronicles of Narnia</em> Teaser
  • <em>Date Night</em> Key-Art
  • <em>2010 Turkish Tourism Campaign</em> - Horizontal Designs
  • <em>Kingdom of Heaven</em> Key-Art
  • <em>Wings of the Night</em> Festival Key-Art
  • <em>FIBA 2010 World Basketball Championship - Giants Campaign</em> Horizontal Designs
  • <em>The Golden Compass</em> DVD art
  • Promotional Material proposal for <em>Turkish Basketball Federation</em>
  • <em>Horsemen</em> Key-Art
  • <em>Silver Surfer</em> Outdoor Campaign
  • <em>New York Brazilian Film Festival</em>
  • <em>Becoming Jane</em> Key-Art
  • <em>Kill Bill Vol. 1</em> Key-Art
  • <em>The Hours</em> Key-Art