Stephan D. Lapp

Stephan D. Lapp
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As a partner at Iconisus, it has always been my goal to give our clients the best creative that we can possibly give. We've been extremely fortunate to have clients that allow us to spread our creative wings, so to speak, and go to places that have yet to be explored. Since Emrah...
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Erdem Yucel

Erdem Yucel
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I'm not sure about the "Achiever". I'd prefer to be called a "Walker" if anything. I just walk the distances and try to enjoy what I'm doing without focusing so much on the destination. I believe every process is enjoyable in essence. Be it a project or a road, if I'm not enjoyin...
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Simla Yucel

Simla Yucel
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Kasey Chatila

Kasey Chatila
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I am inspired by many forms of art, from music poster illustration and design, to surrealist paintings, music performance, drumming and piano, to tattoo artwork, 50's pin-up art, traditional ornate Middle Eastern design, and the list goes on. I try to have fun with the process a...
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Ipek Celikkalp

Ipek Celikkalp
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To begin a journey without thinking about the end -- when you reach a fork in the road, you can either choose security, or pursuing your dreams. I chose to live the American dream my way. I take great pleasure in familiarizing myself with different people and different cultu...
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Dennis Figueroa

Dennis Figueroa
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I am constantly striving to better myself professionally, physically and personally. Professionally I love what I do and am always seeking ways to improve the work-flow and save clients money without compromising the integrity of the work. Physically I strive to keep myself as ...
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  • <em>Avatar</em> Key-Art Exploration 1
  • <em>Mirror Mirror </em>Character Teaser <em>"One Bad Apple"</em>
  • <em>American Horror Story </em>Key-Art 1
  • <em>The Chronicles of Narnia</em> Teaser
  • <em>Date Night</em> Key-Art
  • <em>2010 Turkish Tourism Campaign</em> - Horizontal Designs
  • <em>Kingdom of Heaven</em> Key-Art
  • <em>Wings of the Night</em> Festival Key-Art
  • <em>FIBA 2010 World Basketball Championship - Giants Campaign</em> Horizontal Designs
  • <em>The Golden Compass</em> DVD art
  • Promotional Material proposal for <em>Turkish Basketball Federation</em>
  • <em>Horsemen</em> Key-Art
  • <em>Silver Surfer</em> Outdoor Campaign
  • <em>New York Brazilian Film Festival</em>
  • <em>Becoming Jane</em> Key-Art
  • <em>Kill Bill Vol. 1</em> Key-Art
  • <em>The Hours</em> Key-Art